Why Deconstruction vs Demolition ?
Deconstruction is the selective dismantlement of building components and is used specifically when the desired outcome is to re-use or recycle the materials from a project. Demolition is the expedient removal of a structure or parts of a structure with little or no separation of materials for landfill diversion.

Here in Colorado, it is mandated in certain counties that Deconstruction methods be used rather than Demolition to adhere to state standards to keep a clean environment. Deconstruction also offers specific tax deductions to offset the costs when using Deconstruction over Demolition as many materials can be donated for re-use. 

What is Diversion of Materials?
Waste diversion or landfill diversion is the process of diverting waste from landfills through re-use or recycling and is a common practice in responsible Deconstruction practices.

What is a Pop-top?
This refers to the process of removing, partially or completely, a roof top or covering to an existing structure. This is a common practice when replacing entire roofs/coverings, restructuring an existing floor plan or adding a second level to an existing structure.

What is a Tenant Finish?
This is the process of removing any interior walls, flooring, shelving, lighting, counters, etc. usually in a commercial or retail building, so that there is a “clean” slate for remodel or new tenant. It may also involve some exterior work as in removal of signage or redesign of a entry way or store front. This is often a space that the previous tenant has vacated and the building manager or owner wants to redo for a new tenant. CDI specializes in stripping existing locations down to original construction allowing for a new look for a tenant.

What is the concern regarding Lead bass Paint?
A structure or any parts thereof, if constructed prior to 1978, is considered to have some lead base paint and therefore must be tested, and if found, the areas with lead base paint must be removed with proper procedures according to EPA standards.  CDI can do testing and removal.
What is the concern regarding Asbestoes?
Asbestoes may be found in any type of structure.  Prior to any demolition work (as defined by Colorado) which involves removal of exterior walls, roof, etc for remodel or rebuild, the structure must be tested for asbestoes and the Demo permit is required from the State.  Any asbestos removal will take place prior to Colorado Demolition, Inc. beginning demolition.   At that time, CDI is assured that the building is free of asbestos material. 

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