Go Green

ReStore at one of our jobs.

ReStore picking up donated materials.

The environment is important and we take responsibility as a demolition and deconstruction business, to recycle, donate or reuse and re-purpose much of the materials we remove from a project.  We excel in meeting and exceeding environmental standards set forth by the state of Colorado and each individual county and city.

As a leader in this industry, we comply with the guidelines for both the City of Boulder and the City of Longmont’s Green Points Programs, as well as requirements for Boulder County and other areas.  The Boulder County recycling requirements, Deconstruction, can be found on page 11.

We also work with a number of other agencies to divert materials from landfills including Eco-Cycle and Habitat for Humanity.

We offer our customers, for both commercial and residential projects, the opportunity to help us help the environment.  We track and itemize all materials recycled and or donated from each project.  This can be used to create a complete report, including weight tickets and amounts, for tax deductions on donated materialsThis tax deduction can be used to offset the cost of deconstruction vs. the cost of demolishing a structure.

With 40 years of professional experience, Colorado Demolition & Deconstruction, Inc. specializes in efficient and safe deconstruction and sustainable building practices, and strongly believes in the diversion of materials from landfill when possible for reuse and/or recycling.

Go Green