24 Hour Fitness Deconstruction

CDI was happy to take on this commercial job for one of our local contractors. They needed us to come in and provide our services in the complete tear out and removal (Making it a big empty box!) of an existing 24 Hour Fitness which is now a Sprouts.

Job Type: Commercial

Job Location: Boulder, CO

Job Timeline: Initial phase was an 8 week full Deconstruction with a dedicated 6 man crew throughout and a secondary phase including smaller projects for the contractor during the build out over the following 2 months.

Job Description: This deconstruction was a multi-phase project on an existing 15,000 sq. ft. commercial space. The building was formerly a 24 Hour Fitness with a multi-level concourse, locker rooms and multiple divided spaces throughout the structure. CDI was responsible for a complete tear our out and removal of the entire space down to original construction including electrical, water, HVAC and existing fire lines.


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