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Tenant Finish

tenant-finishCommercial tenant finish is a major component of our business. CDD has specialized in tenant improvements for over 40 years. We have worked closely with tenants, landlords, investors, property managers and commercial real estate brokers.

Property Management


CDD realizes the extensive list of duties that property managers are responsible for. We can help alleviate some of these stresses by preparing suites for new tenants. Some of these duties may include simple items such as clean-outs, flooring removal or complete tear-outs to prepare for new floor plans.

Property Flipping

property-flippingFor real estate investors, property flipping is big business. CDD can help take out the old to prepare for the new.  From kitchen and bath tear out’s to complete house deconstruction.


Our process follows an intentional workflow that leaves you with a minimal footprint and quality work.


Pop Tops


CDD offers services for the home remodelers who want to build up on their current home. From selective roof removal to complete tear-off, we can get it done.

Remodels & Renovations


Renovations are often subtle, like when updating an existing building or house with cosmetic changes. Or, they can be drastic, such as a remodel involving changing the structure through demolition and construction. In either case, CDD is the perfect choice to get your project started right.



CDD specializes in deconstruction, or selective dismantlement, for the purposes of keeping building items out of landfills so that these items can be reused, repurposed, recycled or donated. We have developed many methods over the years that help projects run efficiently to meet these requirements.

Lead Paint


Any residential structure built prior to 1978 is considered to have lead-based paint and therefore must be tested. If found, the areas with lead paint must be removed with proper procedures according to EPA standards. CDD is certified by the EPA to conduct lead-based paint removal.




habitat-for-humanity-eco copy

Local Habitat for Humanity organizations have independently-owned stores and donation centers for home improvement. These centers, or Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations, sell items that have been donated to them to help support the homes they build in the community. Every year Habitat for Humanity ReStore recognizes local business for their exemplary support to their cause by handing out the honored Hammy Award. CDD is a proud multi-year award winner for our continual support to their cause from all the donations we provide annually.


Our services span across the Front Range surrounding Denver & Boulder

We offer our customers, for both commercial and residential projects, the opportunity to help us help the environment. We track and itemize all materials recycled and or donated from each project. This can be used to create a complete report, including weight tickets and amounts, for tax deductions on donated materials. This tax deduction can be used by our customers to offset the cost of deconstruction vs. the cost of demolishing a structure.